White Knight Academy

White Knight Academy provides a positive and enabling learning environment that maintains respect and high expectations for every Student

We are poised to providing solutions to the common dilemma of Parents who desire a healthy balance of academic excellence and moral training.

WKA is known to deliver world class social, moral and academic  standards needed to develop a ‘Global Citizen and a WHOLE CHILD’ ready to compete on the world stage.

Welcome Address

On behalf of the Commissioner and the Creator who was not created, I welcome you to White Knight Academy (WKA).

WKA is an educational institution with the goal of empowering students with the nitty-gritty of all it takes to discover their destinies and maximize their potentials right at Secondary school.

The primary focus of the founders of the School is to raise responsible and God-fearing leaders who will contribute their quotas positively to their families, society and nation as a whole. Our aim is to prepare students for the future so they can be leaders to be reckoned with in creativity, innovations and the use of their God given talents in their chosen careers, vocation and profession.

Great Confidence

Noble and great. Courageous and determined. Faithful and fearless. That is who you are and who you have always been. And understanding it can change your life, because this knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated any other way.
We build Confidence in your Child/Ward

Why Choose Us

Choose White Knight Academy, where excellence meets empowerment! Our positive learning environment, global-certified educators, and commitment to leadership and holistic development make us the catalyst for your child’s extraordinary journey. Join us in shaping a future of innovation, creativity, and boundless possibilities!


Positive and Enabling Learning Environment:

White Knight Academy fosters a positive and enabling learning environment, ensuring that every student is treated with respect and held to high expectations. This supportive atmosphere creates a conducive setting for academic growth and personal development.

Experienced and Versatile Educators:

White Knight Academy boasts a highly experienced team of globally certified expatriate and Nigerian educators. With a diverse background in teaching across various parts of the world, these educators offer a broad spectrum of flexible learning solutions, ensuring an excellent learning environment that prepares students to compete globally.

Holistic Development:

WKA focuses on developing the 'Whole Child,' addressing not only academic standards but also social and moral aspects. This holistic approach prepares students to become global citizens equipped with the skills and values needed to thrive on the world stage.

Parent-School Partnership:

WKA collaborates closely with parents to understand the unique needs and objectives of each child. By aligning educational approaches with specific strategies, culture, and values, the school ensures a tailored and effective learning experience that supports each student's individual growth and potential.

Emphasis on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Volunteer Work:

The school places a strong emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship, and volunteerism, instilling these qualities in students from their formative stages. This unique program sets WKA apart, nurturing qualities that go beyond academic excellence and contribute to the well-rounded development of each student.

Engagement in Educational Reforms:

The school's extensive participation in various Federal Government policy initiatives on education provides WKA with a strategic edge and firsthand experience of targeted educational reforms. This involvement demonstrates a commitment to staying abreast of best practices and contributing to the advancement of education, further enhancing the quality of learning at the academy.

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A glance at the graphics design of WKA

Explore White Knight Academy’s dynamic graphics, embodying innovation and global excellence. Vibrant visuals reflect our positive learning environment and commitment to holistic development. WKA’s graphics tell a compelling story of shaping future leaders and global citizens. Join us for an immersive educational experience.



A Video Tour of WKA

Embark on a virtual exploration with our Video Tour of White Knight Academy (WKA). Immerse yourself in the vibrant corridors and innovative spaces that define our positive learning environment. This captivating tour showcases our commitment to excellence, from state-of-the-art classrooms to dynamic activity areas.


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