About Us

White Knight Academy

White Knight Academy provides a positive and enabling learning environment that maintains respect and high expectations for every Student

We are poised to providing solutions to the common dilemma of Parents who desire a healthy balance of academic excellence and moral training.

WKA is known to deliver world class social, moral and academic  standards needed to develop a ‘Global Citizen and a WHOLE CHILD’ ready to compete on the world stage.

 We strongly encourage Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Volunteer work. Thus, a program has been designed to deliver these strong elements via instilling it in them at their formative stage.

White Knight Academy, founded by Prof. Adebayo Paul Adejola and Mrs. Esther Funmilayo Adejola, began with a free summer lesson in August 2018, attracting 186 students and 6 staff. Academic activities officially started in September with 12 staff and 8 students. The student population grew to 62 after an Independence Day celebration and to 80 following a successful career day in November. By the end of the first term in December 2018, the school had 92 students. During the second term, students excelled in an excursion to NAFDAC, and the school ended April 2019 with a total of 168 students, establishing itself as one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing schools.

Our Mision

To create platform where children will be empowered via divine knowledge, quality teachings and learning to discover their destinies and maximize their potentials.

Our Vision

To Develop Innovative and Creative Leaders

Our Core Value

We promote values that are evident in our teaching, character and relationship with all stakeholders. These values are enshrined in our friendly nature and better offers as encapsulated in ‘WHITE KNIGHT ACADEMY’

Unrivaled Commitment to Excellence

Our highly experienced team of Globally Certified expatriate and Nigerian Educators have taught in various parts of the world. Thus, their versatility stems across the broad spectrum of flexible learning solutions available in the academic sector resulting in an excellent learning environment. Our underlying objective is to truly develop ‘A Global Citizen’ who can compete on the world stage.

We work with our Parents to develop a clear understanding of their Children’s needs and objectives as well as determine the relevant educational approach to align to the specific strategy, culture and values of our School.

Our extensive participation in various Federal Government policy initiatives on education gives us a strategic edge and a first-hand experience of targeted educational reforms.

Extra - Curricular Activities

White Knight Academy is committed to maintaining academic
excellence, a strong culture of discipline and a focus on the holistic
development of children through early exposure to athletics, arts and community

1 Young Farmers Club
2. Drama Club
3. Mathematics Club
4. Press Club
5. Jet Club
6. Home Makers Club