Placement Procedure

The Placement procedure is conducted in the following ways:

  1. Test: A written test is conducted for the child to ensure that the child is fit to proceed to the class of his/her age group. Pupils/Students that score above average get an automatic placement, however, if a child scores below average, (s)he is given a retest on another scheduled date.
  2. Retest: A child that does not score above average in the retest stage will be advised to repeat previous grade to enable him/her come to speed with the next grade.
  3. Oral Interview: After a child’s age has been ascertained, the admissions board will conduct an interview with the parent/guardian as well as the child to get background details about the child and education history.

Application Procedure

Our Pre-placement procedure is first of all in three steps, namely:

1, Make a Call
2. Pick a date
3. Take the Exam

Admission Policy: We boast of a highly disciplined staff and admission procedure. In order to sustain our standard, we will neither compromise nor place a child in a grade above his/her ability.

Admission Forms

Admission forms can be picked up at the Admissions Office in the school premises.

For more information, please contact the Admin Unit on

+234 809 891 3474

+234 909 404 3602



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John Allison
Choosing White Knight Academy for our child was the best decision we made. The school's commitment to understanding our child's needs, coupled with a world-class team of educators, has created a nurturing space for academic and personal growth. WKA truly stands out in shaping future leaders.
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